Unresponsive panel FS 3.5.6 in AI 25.3.1 Mac

I’ve updated FS to 3.5.6 but now the panel is rather unresponsive, pretty much in the same fashion as the Adobe CC libraries panel (which of course is Adobe’s fault). Do you know any workaround - I cannot drag glyphs anymore, I can only click menu items. See the screen recording.

Any help will be appreciated, Franz!!!

Just to confirm everything works well under 24.3. Why, Adobe - why?

Hello neogrey.

I have no such a problem under macOS 10.14.6 with AI 25.3.1 and FS 3.5.6.

You can try:

  • Reset Fontself (see screenshot below)
  • Reset Illustrator from with in Presets
  • Restart AI
  • Restart the Mac

If the problem is still there, try to start a blank AI-Document and a new font in FS. When this will work, than there is a problem in your very font.

Good Luck, Jens.

Thanks for the reply. However, my OS is 10.15.7 - but I’m positive this is not an issue. I’m managing a team of 14 people with the same machines and everyone has issues with non-responsive panels for extensions and Adobe CC libraries. In fact, when I drag outlines over the panel, it doesn’t show that it adds the glyph, but in fact when I open the extension in 24.3 the new glyph is there. So probably it is a wide Adobe products issue.

Moving on.

Sorry to hear. Did you know, that there is a second way to put outline as glyphs into Fontself?

(1) Select all chars of one row.
(2) Enter or copy the names into the field. Only separated with comma without space.
(3) Click on “create XX glyphes”.
(4) The result.

Perhabs that will do, until drag-n-drag will work again.

Hey @neogrey this is something that should have been resolved with FS 3.5.6 and in AI 25.3.1 on both Mac & PC.

Best guess is that a computer restart should solve it but unfortunately we have no way to detect such instability issues on our end, and we have little hope the situation will get any better as future Adobe updates may break some of the legacy capabilities that we use to run extensions…

So running on older versions of Illustrator like 24.3 is currently the only solution we can recommend you as we (and many other users) haven’t had such troubles on 25.3.1