Using Alts and Setting Pairs

Hi. I’d like to find a good explanation and “How to” when it comes to using the alternate characters. What keystrokes allow you to type the ALTERNATE character once you install the font? Also, can you direct me to a pairing tutorial?


Hi, talking about Adobe, alternates can’t be typed directly. They are chosed by selecting the character and clicking at the shown alternates. Alternatively you can use the „Glyphs“ palette.
AFAIK there’s no keystroke for this purpose.

Greetz Hybi

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As suggested by @Hybi there is no specific interaction in Adobe’s apps than selecting a glyph to display its alternates picker or choosing one from the Glyphs panel in Window > Type > Glyphs

All details are on this article:

Ok! Thanks for taking the time to reply! I’ll experiment with alternate glyphs.


I hope at some time in the future FontSelf Maker will provide a method to create alternate substitution other than selecting a glyph in the glyph window. I know my request is very complex. I tried to setup alternate glyphs with auto substitution in another font creation app and export was always fatal errors with coding. No luck. :expressionless: The client insisted on auto substitution making for a type nightmare project.

I believe if the Fontself Maker team develops a method of menu selection for auto substitution this app will be the best type font creation app of all time. Not everyone is a coding expert and some clients expect auto substitution for glyphs. Fontself Maker is is truly a great app as is. Just wishing I could go to the next level and create a font that will auto substitute a glyph.

Keep up the great work Fontself team I appreciate all your hard work, effort ant time into developing this amazing and practical app for making type fonts.