Using variations of the same character within a font

Hi there,
Quite some time ago I began designing a font using Illustrator based on my own architectural handwriting. It’s going pretty well - thanks to Fontself.
My question: Since my font is from my own handwriting, no two instances of the same written letter are identical. Is there a way in Fontself to build into the font say…three different E’s to be used randomly while a person is typing using my font? Since this a handwritten font, I don’t want every instance of every letter to look identical.
Sorry for the rookie question. Thanks for any help on this.


As far as I know, the person will have to pick the E’s glyph alternative each time they wanted it to be a different alternative. Not sure it would be the way you want, that is, it won’t be automatically used randomly while the person is typing. That said, you can create as many .alt .alt1 .altN as you want for any glyph.

“That said, you can create as many .alt .alt1 .altN as you want for any glyph.”

I though alternates were limited to 3 alternates per character in Fontself?

I’m looking to do the same thing at the moment. One workaround I figured out is to make the alternative letters as ligatures depending on which letter follows the letter you want to alternate. For example, if I want the letter A to change in a more random fashion, I can tell Fontself to use version1 as standard, but version2 when the following letter after A is S… and so on. Its a bit of work, but if you have many alternative letters, you just need to come up with the variations that look cool and natural.
Hard to explain, but I hope it makes sense. If theres another way, id love to know.