What about other languages support? (Hebrew)

Looks like a powerful tool!!!

I saw that there are 3 fast buttons for a-z, A-Z, 0-9.
What about the alphabet of different languages, Hebrew for example?: א-ת

All the letters in Hebrew:

(take notes that this is a Right-to-left language, so the program should pick the letters in that direction.)


Hi, so while we don’t support RTL languages yet, you could convert your Illustrator lettering in Fontself and finish in another font editor.

Just rename each of your glyphs in the Fontself UI, or if you start from scratch rename each Illustrator object with their actual Hebraic character, and Batch import them in Fontself so they are automatically renamed properly.

But of course, when we fully support Hebrew (though in a long time at current pace :frowning: ) we will let you import custom sequences of characters in one go. :wink:


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regarding august 17th response about using Hebrew in Fontself - can you give a step-by-step approach? Is there anyone out there who can give a step-by-step approach?

As stated above, we don’t officially support Hebrew but you can assign to each of your glyphs any Unicode character.

The easiest way to do it en masse is to rename each shape object in Illustrator with their exact character and use Fontself’s Smart Batch feature to import them: https://help.fontself.com/making-fonts/create-accents-symbols-punctuation

could you show this in youtube too? some peoples understand better after watching a youtube video.
thanks Dean