When creating a new font, *retain* previous font?


When I hover over “new” it shows “really?” making me wonder, does Fontself completely overwrite what I was working on if I click “new”? Is there a way to retain what I was previously working on and also work on a new design?

I spent a good while adjusting the kerning/spacing. It’s done for now but I may want to add/update it in the future. Would hate to lose all that work just so I could create a new font.

I looked through this forum and the support docs and couldn’t find an answer.


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Hello and a warm welcome.

NEW: Deletes the current font from memory and it is lost forever. To prevent this, use …

SAVE: the font with all settings will be saved and you can save it later with …

OPEN: reload and edit it later.

Greetings, Jens.


Thanks! I didn’t realize Fontself could get the kerning from a .otf.

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