Which Languages Cover Advanced Characters in Font Template

Hi guys,

I just really would like to know the advanced character set from the font template provided the Fontself fly-out panel. How many language covers these characters? Can I get the detailed list of languages? This is because when I sell my font I would have to mention the languages that covers my font so people who speaks or write those languages have the info about capabilities of the font.

Also I see some other font makers use more advanced characters and punctuations such fractions. Do you have any other personal use template?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Shemul :wink:

This is a good question that could benefit others too :+1:
I can’t give you an answer at the moment. I’ll ask my colleague @franz about it, but it could take a few days as he’s on summer holidays :beach_umbrella: He’s the template master :man_artist: