Assign specific Unicode value to a character


Is it possible to assign a specific Unicode value to a new character. If not, is it possible to edit or replace the vector shape in an already established Unicode character? When I delete a glyph and create its replacement, a new Unicode value is assigned. This is causing gaps in my Unicode values.


You cannot yet enter Unicode values yet but you can paste the actual Unicode character - and view it Unicode value too: Adding Special Characters & Adding Unicode

As for replacing a glyph, just copy the original Unicode character (it’s under each glyph - and it might look like a square if it’s a PUA) then select the new shape (eventually along with a horizontal guide to precisely define its baseline), paste the character in the field “Type any character”, then press Create Glyph and Replace:


Hope this helps.


Good news, you can now enter HEX unicode values with the U+ prefix (like U+2655) to create specific glyph, or even rename your objects using this scheme to import many at once with Batch. Just install Fontself Maker 3.1.0 or newer.