Can't Even Get Started- pls halp

Hi there fontself community!
I’m on windows and the install worked fine
the Welcome Artboard loaded and the first thing it says to do is:

  • Select the 26 letters right above

HOW? How can I select letters embedded into an image?

-Press the [a-z] button in the Fontself extension
WHERE? Where is the a-z button?

hello yvonna and welcome to this forum.

You are using Fontself in Photoshop?

Yes I am! thank you for helping me!

I was able to “install” the fonts as the Welcome Board asks BUT the FONTSELF window refuses to stay open… I guess they want me to just drag and drop into the window while it is collpased

Do have the latest version 3.5.7 of Fontself? Which version of Photoshop do you use?

MY BIGGEST ISSUE NOW is that it isn’t “saving” in my photoshop font library
HOW do I make it save it there too and not just in fontself or wherever fontself saves these fonts???
THANKS AGAIN for your help

If you create a font with Fontself, you can first save it on the desktop. then you have to install it via the operating system. Fontself does not install a font directly.

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I’ll try that. I thought it was automatically saved in the adobe font library. You are a peach :peach:

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Thats only on Mac and within Illustrator possible.

so… I did as you instructed and the name of the font showed up in photoshop but the actual font did not… It just typed out blank

I saved it as an .otf Do you have any other suggestions for me @urs7000?

.oft is right. I’m installing the latested version of photoshop (win). It takes some time. (I’m a mac user.)

awesome! i usually am mac as well but got one of those fancy dancy new mac minis and I dont think FS will run on Big Sur

Apple M1 and OS 11.4, please read this: Is Fontself compatible with mac M1? Thanks and give it a try.

Quick Tutorial for Fontself 3.5.x in Photoshop CC 2021 on Windows


(A) Create letters.
(B) Each letter must be a separate object. It is best if each letter already has a name in “Layers”, here “A”, “B” and “C”.
© Open the Fontself Maker window and drag the letters into it together.
(D) Save the font to the desktop. Fself will ask you for the name of the font, here “ATest” and the location, here “Desktop”.


(E) ATest.otf is on the desktop. Double-click on it.
(F) In the font window, click on Install at the top. (Note: The display in the window may be incomplete, please ignore this; a Windows problem).


(G) Back in Photoshop: Take the text tool and select the font you are creating, here “ATest”.
(H) Type the letters into the document.
(I) In “Layers” the text frame appears as usual and under the glyphs the contained letters of the font are displayed.

My mini font “ATest.otf”: (10.1 KB)

OH!!! Insert huge eyed emoji!

This Is AWESOME!!! I will bookmark it and refer back to it as needed… Oh joy of joys! I have only skimmed it but it looks like EXACTLY what I needed! It is surprising that doesn’t get linked automatically when one buys the software

Thanks again!

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