Copying Kerning Pair Values?


Hi there,

I’m in the process of creating a font, and I spent a long time setting up kerning pairs that worked well for my first A-Z set of glyphs.

I was wondering if there’s a way of copying kerning pairs, or if I’ll have to do each one manually. For example, I have 26 kerning pairs that involve the letter “A”. Now, I’m adding Á, À, Ã, Ä, Â and Å. I’m hoping I can somehow import the settings from the “A” into all these variations. Do I have to re-enter every kerning pair manually? That would be 26 x 6 (then do about as many for E, I, O, U, etc.), which is quite (and likely unnecessary) a tedious job.

Alternatively, could I somehow script this?

Thanks for your time!


Yes, your time saver is called Kerning Groups - read more here:

We also added a template file that you can import to predefined some kerning groups (mind that this will erase the previous kerning values): Your suggestion to improve the Kerning feature

See the import metrics feature here:


For example, linking your uppercase kerning values for the left and right sides of the letter A to any lowercase a is as simple as entering the name of the referred glyph (A) in the Kerning Groups fields:


Is there a way to copy/paste styles between cases?