FEATURE REQUEST: Support tagging oldstyle figures?

Some typefaces provide the option when typesetting numerals 0–9 to use oldstyle figures (also known as “text figures” and “lowercase numerals”) in place of lining figures (“uppercase numerals”), which are generally the default. In addition, numerals can be tabular or proportional. Currently, Fontself only allows you to tag oldstyle figures as alternate glyphs. Could support be added for the lnum, onum, pnum, and tnum OpenType tags (so user could tag numerals as lining or oldstyle, and proportional or tabular)?

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I know about the numerals. See Tabular figures
So far there is no way in/from fontself to create lnum ect.

  • j.

I’d really use that. Tabular numerals and old style figures would be so useful.

I know. Please write to hello@fontself.com that you like to get that feature.
– j.

Thanks for your responses. Yes, I meant this post as a feature request and have updated the subject line accordingly. I will also send the same request via email to hello@fontself.com.

Update: I tried emailing this request to hello@fontself.com and it bounced.