Letters being split of each other


Every time when I place my letter into the FontSelf, it gets split from each other. While a few days before I didn’t have this problem and it worked perfectly fine.

Hello Fafa,
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I have created a “Y” that consists of 9 unconnected paths. To become a letter, it must be at least one group.
( A ) I select all the objects of the letter
( B ) and make a group of them. Then I rename this group in “Layer1” to “Y”. (This saves me time later in Fontself because this name is taken over as the name of the letter).
( C ) I created a square with the name “dummy”. It has 70 % of the size of the desired font size, i.e. 21 pt for a 30 pt font. Then I also select the guides “baseline”, “ascender” and “descender” and drag the four objects into the Fontself Maker window.
( D ) I select the guides “baseline”, “ascender” and “descender” and drag them together with the letter Y into the Fontself Maker window.
This way I get the letter Y as an object in the desired size.

Instead of groups for my letters, I always use compound paths.
( E ) Select the objects or the group for a letter.
( F ) And call “Object > Compound Path > Make”. If objects overlap, it is necessary to make a Boolean union with Pathfinder > Add as an intermediate step.

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– j

I think this is related to the bug mentioned here. Compound shape is not really a replacement for groups…