Mockup templates

Where would be the best place to locate mockup templates for fonts?

What exactly do you mean by mockup template for fonts? Do you mean as a way to present your final font design? Any specific way you’d like to do that, on posters mockups, tshirt/apparel mockups? CreativeMarket, DesignCuts, Mockupworld and Mockups-design would be good places to start for all kinds of mockup psd templates :slight_smile:

Yeah, my thoughts exactly - what is a Font Mockup? If you are lacking inspiration for font presentation, you just go to YouWorkForThem, or Myfonts and see how it is done. There’s no universal solution for every font out there - you should be creative and shed the best possible light to your works. For example my newest chromatic font, created entirely in Fontself


I’m thinking you mean a template construction for the fundamentals of creating a font, such as height, width etc per character…
…in this case there are templates on Fontself of you look around in the resources - I downloaded a AI/PDF for the alphabet in uppercase, lowercase, numerals:

Font creation templateThis what I’m referring to

Oh, sorry for the confusion guys. I meant as in presenting the ready typeface to a client or in general to other designers - My bad i should’ve made myself clearer on the topic.