No filled spaces possible in colour fonts

Tip: I have discovered through my current project “TimeSaver Marker” (see Color font »TimeSaver Marker«) that it is not possible to create a colour font with filled (coloured) spaces in Adobe InDesign and under Windows.
InDesign displays a filled space in tabs and in ligatures although it has not been typed.
Under Windows 10, it is not possible to install a colour character set with filled spaces at all.

– j.

Regarding color font support in Windows 10, I found it to be spotty at best. Two applications that do have the ability to display color fonts are Microsoft Windows’ PAINT 3D and High Logic’s FONT CREATOR. Surprisingly, many of the major Windows-based graphic applications do not as yet have the ability to display color fonts.

The color fonts that do display properly are Open Type fonts.

The Mac OS has a vastly better color font support system in place at this point in time. A large percentage of major graphics-based software applications display color fonts.

Thank you for showing us your beautiful colour fonts. However, these do not contain filled/coloured spaces and therein lies the problem. Here are screenshots to better explain the problem:

Adobe InDesign uses spaces that you wouldn’t otherwise see to represent tabs and ligatures. This is a bug. Because in QuarkXPress or Apple Pages the character set works.

Also, I can’t even install the character set “AColorProblem.otf” under Windows. I immediately get the error message that the font does not comply with the standards.

Therefore, I have freed my font “TimeSaver Marker” (now in version 1.4) from the spaces again and can write a filled space between the letters with the key “_” (underscore). This works in InDesign and Windows. See Color font »TimeSaver Marker«

For testing here are the .AI-File and the .OTF shown in the first screenshot: (353.0 KB)

– j.

Thanks for your response. My apologies for completely misunderstanding the problem you’re experiencing. I appreciate that you took the time to more clearly define exactly what you’re trying to bring attention to and ultimately resolve, if possible, given the current operating system(s) specifications. I am definitely unqualified to assist you with this or make any kind of recommendations to resolve this.