Shrink glyph size inside fontself

I’ve created my first few fonts in Fontself and I feel like I’m getting the hang of it. But now when I’ve learnt more I really wanna redo the first one. I still feel like it’s quite difficult to add new glyphs after a while and I can’t seem to get it to match in size. I believe I decreased my glyphs in size inside fontselt but now when I add letters I can’t make that letter smaller without all of my letters getting smaller too. So I think I need to start over and not shrink the letters when I’ve already imported them. To make this easier for me, I would like to have the whole Latin alphabet to use as i foundation. Is there any way to import all the letters without it being a fontself created font? Or is there any way to downsize just one glyph to get it to match the rest of the alphabet that’s already created? :slight_smile:

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when you start to create a new font, it’s a good way to do this:

  1. Create guide lines with the name baseline, ascender and descender
  2. Create a black square, that is 70 % of your font size.
    For more information about this, look here: I have created a font from a vector logo


  • You can use the guide lines, make you letters in Illustrator correct and then put them again into font self.
  • You can dopple click a glyph in fonself and than scale or move it.


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