Starter file with all relevant glyphs?

Fontself is great for starting a project and prototyping a display font, but completing a useful copy font with a lot of glyphs is challenging. I don’t even have a catalog of what glyphs are really needed for a useful font.

It would be great to have a starter .ai file with enough glyphs that we could use as a starting point. Fontself could provide it as a template.

Anyone have a file to share that would work for that purpose? Or something close, that I could develop into that template file?

Intellectual property concerns would need to be thought through. To be useful, the default glyphs would need to be usable without modification (so you can still have the glyphs that you don’t have unique designs for). Essentially we’d need to call the template glyphs open source.

So it’s a lot to ask, but if anyone has a good project that they wouldn’t mind sharing to the community, it would be great. Otherwise, I can hack something together but it will take longer.

Check this out: Font creation template

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Franz helped me out:

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