Uppercase font creation with the German letter ß

Im currently working on an uppercase font and the process is mostly straight forward but the integration of letter ß (Eszett) is i a major problem. There is an uppercase version and a lovercase version for this glyph (ẞ ß) but they are not linked inside Fontself resulting in either a Font with a missing characters or a font with fallback letters for all lowercase versions of the Latin alphabet.

Is there a workaround for this issue? Last time this topic came up was in 2019 and there was no clear solution: Uppercase font showing fallback font in illustrator

This seems like bug in the automated substitution process of Fontself. Using the uppercase version of ẞ should automatically create the same lowercase version.

The capital ß has its own Unicode and is thus like any other character in the character set. To create this character you can
(1) copy/type the characters into Fontself,
(2) name the characters in the Layers window or
(3) name the characters with Unicode in the Layers window.
Especially for the third point, I have written a (4) Javascript that automatically creates the Unicodes from the names, see http://www.computergrafik-know-how.de/javascript-zum-umbenennen-von-buchstaben-in-unicode/ (German) or https://www.behance.net/gallery/124007461/Javascript-for-Illustrator-Rename-Abc2Unicode (English).

As I understand it, a fallback is not a task or part of the character set, but of the programme/system that represents the font. In Illustrator, for example, the programme tries to replace missing glyphs, see second picture. On the web or in e-books, more than one font is also stored in the source text for this reason. A solution by ligature might be possible, but then a third character would have to be added to distinguish between a real spelling of SS and SS’.liga = capital ß. Doesn’t seem to me to be a real solution either.

More on the subject of European special characters on my page http://www.computergrafik-know-how.de/europaeische-sonderzeichen/ , where a PDF is also available in English.

Best regards, Jens.

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