Uppercase font showing fallback font in illustrator

Hi There,

I have created a font in illustrator with only uppercase letters. I read that the lowercase should automatically be substituted with uppercase but when I install and try the font out in illustrator this doesn’t happen and a fallback font appears.

Is there something else I need to do to ensure this does’t happen?

Oh, and I am aware that this shouldn’t show in the preview but I am looking at the installed font in illustrator.

Thanks in advance

Hi, first check that you have no duplicate font with an older version (see https://help.fontself.com/en/articles/915125-install-vs-save-export-fonts)

And also mind that the German character estzet ß is detected as a lowercase letter - knowing that any lowercase letter currently disables the automated substitution.

Aha. I have a ß character. Should I just assign it like I would a swoosh?

Thanks for the fast reply!!

You could, and we will try to detect this to avoid such confusion in the future :wink:

I deleted the ß completely and don’t have a duplicate fonts… I deleted all installed versions and still have the same issue. Are there any other accented characters or so that could be disabling the automated substitution?

Only lowercase letters. Check if you have any other from the bottom left filtering view:

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That was it. Thank you again for great help!!