Your suggestion to improve the Kerning feature

Hey Fontself lovers,

Many of you already use and love the new kerning feature. Today we open this discussion to get your feedbacks and ideas about how we could improve it to better fit you needs and improve your workflow.

So please, feel free to tell us from your point of view what is missing and what could be great.
The debate is opened… :wink:

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Hey Mohamed,
everyone loves to save time.

So it would be very helpful, if I could build groups of kerning pairs.
That means: a possibility to say “let all pairs like Ta Tc Te To and so on be the same value”.
So I only once had to figure out a group (and expand it later if necessary)
and then all kerning pairs of this kind would be done in one step.

Sounds good, don’t you think? :grinning:

Friendly greetz


Thanks Hybi !
+1 for kerning classes.

Anything else ?


I would love to see some sort of kerning recommendation/hint, or even auto kerning. I know that’s a lot to ask, but I thought I’d put it out there.



Thanks @Vocal, great suggestion.
It’s something we’re thinking about even it’s far from straightforward :wink:


Yup, I’d like to +1 the kerning groups request. It’s really tedious to adjust kerning pairs without groups and is what’s keeping me from ditching my old font software.


I’d love to be able to sort the existing kerning pairs (alphabetically?)
Also would love to be able to copy kerning from a prior font that was created
Ability to pre-load all kerning pairs
Ability to load numbers using an excel spreadsheet, perhaps?
+1 for the Kerning Groups


Thanks for your feedback @Mehmet & @mikkomix !

So time to recap:

  1. Kerning Classes
  2. Import kerning pairs from another font or other support
  3. Auto-suggestion of kerning pairs
  4. Sort pairs alphabetically

Everybody is Ok with this list? Did I missed something else ?

@Hybi @Vocal @Mehmet, @mikkomix @wendyzine


Hi Mohamed,

i’m in doubt about auto-kerning.
This could be misused to “repair” bad spacing and so would lead to a nice chaos :wink:

As I see here, the kerning pairs ARE sortet alphabetically.

So, I would suggest, to concentrate on the first two points.

Just to mention:
The possibility to import metrics (spacing and kerning) from another font was requested by my already a few weeks ago.

Friendy Greetz

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Maybe I’m not seeing it, but how do you sort the kerning pairs? It seems to stay in the order you enter or create them.

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Thanks everyone. Regarding kerning import from other files, what solution would mostly be valuable to you: importing from a previous font file or importing/exporting to an intermediary metrics file with values that you can edit manually?

@mikkomix kerning pairs should be sorted alphabetically, if not please send us a screenshot and the font file.

You can also just enter any letter in the top right field to display a subset of pairs:

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@franz, @mikkomix is right ! Kerning pairs are not sorted when you create them. But they are when you reopen the font.
So @mikkomix, we’ll work on that too :wink:

Sure but we’re not talking auto-kerning but just a way to make smart suggestions about others pairs and/or groups based on existing pairs.
But we definitively agree with you that trying to kern a badly spaced font doesn’t make sense. We have to find a way to make user understand that…

So guys, as @franz asked:
Regarding kerning import from other files, what solution would mostly be valuable to you: importing from a previous font file or importing/exporting to an intermediary metrics file with values that you can edit manually?


Thanks for the reply @Mohamed. I’d recommend prioritizing kerning classes since without it kerning pairs are almost impossible to deal with, especially on multilingual fonts.

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Hi guys.
I don’t have a lot to add, I would just like to mention:
When kerning pairs, is it possible to apply kerning on either side, not just in between two glyphs?
So instead of “Ta Tc Te To”, it’s more like “aTa cTc eTe oTo”. And being able to adjust the left side and right side separately.



@Jelle Kerning pairs are, well… just for pairs of letters, and - unless you have a specific use case in mind - whatever the letter before a pair of letters, the pairs spacing would be the same whatever the first letter is (aTa, bTa, cTa would retain the same space between the Ta). But again, happy to hear more about a specific case.

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I can actually see the value in being able to adjust both left and right side separately. It makes setting the kerning much faster.

I guess for me, another option would be the search function. Currently, if you search a letter, it brings up pairs with the letter being the first of the pair. It would be great to see pairs where the letter is also the second. This helps me when I make a change to a particular letter and want to make kerning changes to anything to do with that letter.

Also, going back to kerning classes. It would also be great to be able to copy any and all kerning values from one letter to another. For example, if you’ve completed all values for letter “T” (both as first of a pair “Tx”, and second of a pair “xT”), I want to be able to replicate it to a similar character “Ț”

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Thanks @Jelle for this feedback.
Actually, kerning operates only on pairs. A kerning value defines how much you want to reduce the advance width of the first char to get the second char closer. So if you want to adjust your spacing on aTa for instance, you have to create 2 kerning pairs: one for aT and one for Ta.

@mikkomix Thanks too for your feedback. You’re right, search should operate on both sides.
And good idea to allow copying kerning pairs from a Letter to another.

Guys, many good ideas I’m going to recap and prioritize in a coming post

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Definitely a +1 from me for kerning classes!

Also, when entering kerning pairs and their values, it would save a lot of time if after the value is input, you could just ‘tab’ right onto the next line.

24 PM

Currently if you hit ‘tab’ after entering your value, the active field moves over the ‘filter’ field, so you have to move your cursor to the next empty ‘left’ field, click to activate the field, and then enter your values.

You could enter lots of pairs quickly if you can just sit there and tab through!



Good suggestion! Thanks @AlanP


Yea, for sure the ability to duplicate kerning between fonts/weights within a family would be epic.
My thoughts would be the ability to export a metrics file (xml or whatever works) when one font is complete or happy with the kerning; this could then be imported to the next weight/style of that family…ideally with the ability to edit the values using the current table setup :smiley:

I know I’m late to the party so maybe that’s already sorted in the latest release and I just can’t find it :upside_down_face:

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